Beeswax Candle Store Online—Waxing Lyrical Beeswax Candles:

Welcome to our beeswax candle store.  All of our candles are hand made of organically managed Canadian beeswax.  The wicks are pure cotton which is bleach-free and lead-free.

You will only pay the actual shipping cost of your candles.  We do not charge for handling.  Our shipping calculator will add an estimate of the actual shipping costs to your order.  Should the actual cost of shipping your candles be lower than the cost you paid, we will send the difference, rounded to the nearest dollar, back to your PayPal account or credit/debit card!

$11.50 (CAD)
$21.75 (CAD)
$50.00 (CAD)
$21.50 (CAD)
$21.00 (CAD)
$15.50 (CAD)
$5.25 (CAD)
$4.25 (CAD)
$19.00 (CAD)
$10.75 (CAD)
$26.00 (CAD)
$7.25 (CAD)
$11.00 (CAD)
$9.70 (CAD)
$7.25 (CAD)
$21.00 (CAD)
$16.00 (CAD)
$38.00 (CAD)
$24.00 (CAD)
$27.50 (CAD)
$8.00 (CAD)
$118.00 (CAD)
$6.05 (CAD)
$15.00 (CAD)
$19.00 (CAD)
$6.70 (CAD)
$0.25 (CAD)
$1.10 (CAD)
$12.00 (CAD)
$3.00 (CAD)